Photo and video

This will never be a professional website. But if you want to see what eats my spare time: These platforms are your options: (pick one you know and forget the rest ;-))

Want to get to know me? Head over to twitter Twitter.  Some of my video making skills are on Vimeo. My photography journal, blogposts, camera reviews and photo dumps: Medium. My YouTube channel without a clear direction on where it’s headed. On Tumblr I schedule posts so it looks like I’m active ;-) and on Lapentor, 360Cities, Google and Roundme I post 360 photo’s. On Unsplash I post royalty free photo’s – not enough though. And last and least if you ask me, the 2 moguls of social; Facebook and Instagram: Not active, no posting

NOTE: This is all personal work. Commissioned work or assignments are just one phone call away: 0628023495